GLO 4G LTE Now Supports Frequency Band 3 (1800)


Good news to Glo customers, as the telecom rolled out LTE in 1800 band, this is to increase their 4G LTE penetration and allow higher smartphones adoption.

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Glo 4G LTE is now supported Band 3(1800)! Remember, earlier this year, Glo announced its roadmap and talked about extending their 4G LTE frequency to Band 3 in this post, which is also the same frequency Band with Airtel and 9mobile.

Customers from different cities in Nigeria has confirmed that Glo 4G is now available on the widest 4G LTE Frequency Band 3(1800). Ahead of time, Glo 4G frequency runs only on the stubborn Band 28(700), which is not available on many Android devices in Nigeria.

This means Glo is now using Band 3 and 28, Frequencies 1800MHz and 700MHz. With this new update, most of the 4G enabled smartphone can now support Glo 4G LTE, the issue of not support Band 28 will come to an end, Band 3 is now available.

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This is good news to millions of Glo subscribers whose phones do not have LTE Band 28 frequency. I’m sure with this, Glo will gain more subscribers.

If Glo 4G signal suddenly appeared on your LTE smartphone that doesn’t support Band 28, be kind and share your location with us in the comments section.


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