Six Type of Guys Ladies Should Avoid

Here are 6 sort of Guys Ladies Should Avoid or flee from

There are certain red flags in relationships you notice as lady and you’ll still plan to stay and manage situations which sometimes seems during a bad way here are 6 sort of Guys Ladies Should Avoid, you ought to fancy your heels because it spells irresponsibility and should end up to become an enormous problem or trouble within the near future.

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List of 6 sort of Guys Ladies Should Avoid

If you notice any of the traits below, then it’s probably time to re-evaluate that relationship.

  1. The Rich Fools
    These ones belong to the “money made me Pompous” gang. They feel money is everything, infact all women want and wish is money. they’re very disrespectful, insult you at any given opportunity, plow ahead to throw money and gifts at you once you get mad or protest their actions. They feel you can’t leave them, the cash is that the major attraction, therefore they’re liberal to do anything with you. once you eventually leave, they’re going to say you left for a richer guy. Avoid them in the least cost.
  2. The Mummy’s Boy
    Understandably, mothers have a serious and great influence on their children, especially the boys. However, this set of Mummy’s boys can’t take an easy decision without first asking their mom. Their mom decides how he treats you, what he buys for you, what he let’s you are doing or don’t. Whether you’re an honest person or a nasty person, that depends on their mom. She even gets to make a decision if he would marry you or not. Unless you’re able to play along side the mom or please her always, you ought to take your leave.
  3. The Play Boys
    They are excellent at their game, very soft and swift with words, they know what to mention at any given time and the way best to deliver it into your ears. they’re smooth, handsome fashionable and appear to understand their way around almost every situation. they’re professional liars and you’ll never suspect their words, they’re going to treat you better than both your ex and your next. Make no mistake, they’re simply with you for your money or body or maybe both. they’re going to waste some time and at the eleventh hour they’re going to disappear. If he feels to good to be true, take off!
  4. The Extravagant Ones
    This ones can’t manage resources, they create money quite alright, but they spend as they create . Buy luxury things for themselves and for you, continue expensive trips with you, spend money on you with reckless abandon. They don’t plan for tomorrow and haven’t any savings. you’ll be enjoying the posh lifestyle now, but if you finish up with him tomorrow and something goes wrong together with his source of income, you’ll suffer, you better run!
  5. The Violent Ones
    This kind of men feel violence solves all their problems. they’re able to fight at any given provocation. They panel beat you wish you’re a bit of metal sheet. you’re always scared around them, the slightest wrong statement can get your face swollen. once they are done designing your body, they beg you wish their life depends thereon and out of sympathy you hang on. you’ll die if you don’t run!
  6. The Sex Addicts
    For these ones all there’s to life is sex. they’re excellent at it, you’ll enjoy yourself alright , a minimum of for the mean solar time . They know all the styles and the way to pound you real good. However, they’re never satisfied and always want to possess sex. They take all kinds of mixtures or concoctions just to last long, every minute they’re pounding you wish fufu and you’re moaning sort of a engaged goat. Except you’re a nymphomaniac too, you’ll get uninterested in satisfying his untamed and unending urges eventually then it’ll address force and sex slavery. Sister you would like to run!

As a woman Avoid this sort of men and that i promise you won’t be in trouble, remeber to share your thought and drop your suggestion at the comment Box

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