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New method to get free 200MB, 400MB And 1GB on gidimo


New method to get free 200MB, 400MB And 1GB on gidimo

Gidimo seems to form stuff favor people online which permit people to urge free data, can now be gotten in several ways which were stated on this post heading, getting of free 200MB data on gidimo, free 400MB On gidimo and free 1GB data in gidimo.

We will explain how you’ll get this data one after the opposite , yea that’s the most point of making a related article for our viewers but we’ve also state this before on our telegram channel which most of the people seems to not understand what mean by the short post, no panic we’ve got you covered with this gidimo app free data.

According To Skipogist Class On Telegram

You now understand or not if not, then follow us up during a step by step ways.

Requirements for the gidimo app free data

  • Gidimo app gets one from play store or direct download from the telegram channel.
  • Any working sim Mtn, airtel Glo or 9mobile (mtn sim is recommended) .
  • Data connection is out there with internet access.
  • That’s all for now.

Now we take this step by step as we said earlier we take it from the 200MB part followed by the 400MB and 1GB free data from gidimo all are stated in several forms with different categories being.

How to get free 200MB data from gidimo

  1. After you’ve got download the app (gidimo app)
  2. If you’ve got not done so by clicking here.
  3. Open it and register to try to to the registration process or after registration.
  4. Confirm your telephone number and instantly you’ll stand an opportunity to be redeemed with a free 200MB data bonus.
  5. If it seems you have already got the app before otherwise you have opened a gidimo account before you’ll still get the info by just.
  6. Verification of your phone number that all. 

Although this data are often accumulated but just note that you simply must first redeem the 200MB successfully before you’ll get to accumulate the info with another sim and not an equivalent sim, now we switch to how you’ll get the 400MB part from the gidimo app as free data.

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How to get free 400MB from gidimo app

  1. When you have successfully verified your number and gotten the free 200MB.
  2. Then you’ll see it on the menu bar once you invite a lover .
  3. And the friend subscribes to an idea called SSP plan where you stand an opportunity to urge 400MB data for free of charge on gidimo
  4. SSP simply means a senior school program, the offer is eligible for the plan just for now.
  5. So you only need to click on the menu and invite your friends to urge the free 400MB.

Now we switch to how u can get the free 1GB data plan. Pls take this during a step by step way because it’s the foremost important a part of this text because we use a trick to urge this 1GB data free from gidimo so pls follow the steps well.

How to get free 1GB from gidimo app

  1. After you’ve got downloaded the app and registered from the link provided, approve.
  2. Make sure u make use of the link to register.
  3. Then on the highest right corner of the app click on the subscribe button.
  4. Then click on subscribe for SSP plan for 100point.
  5. Select it and you’ll see a button which will ask an issue “Do you’ve got A promo code” .
  6. Click on the and input the subsequent code “MTN2020gidimo” after clicking on load.
  7. Then you’ll get a message you don’t have enough points to get the plan.
  8. Click on the payment method then immediately cancel it.
  9. I repeat don’t subscribe any plan.
  10. Just go straight and logout of your gidimo app then log in again.
  11. What I mean by that just cancel everything on your gidimo app and shut then open it again.
  12. Then you’ll get a pop-up message that you simply have gotten free 1GB for subscribing to the ssp plan

Go ahead and input your mtn number and redeem your free 1GB data from the app then you’ll get a successful message of your gidimo app free data as shown below.

Related Question

  • Can the Gidimo app free data for 200mb, 400mb, And 1GB free data be accumulated?
  • The 200mb gidimo free data are often accumulated, except for the 400mn can only be accumulated once you invite more people via your referral link and therefore the 1GB are often accumulated by following an equivalent tricks on this text .

I hope I even have helped you get the free data from the Gidimo app.

If so kindly share this together with your friends let enjoy this free data from giorno together #gidimoappfreedata don’t dull yourself all this is often a limited offer so let get things done. Asap.

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