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We’ve dropped several articles on the way to link nin to sim on different sorts of network provider we’ve in Nigeria using their USSD codes or using the webpage they supply for linkage of the sim for network provider like mtn, airtel, glo and 9mobile these steps now doesn’t need any network provider code before you’ll link your sim to nin all you would like is that the Nimc Mobile app which entails the way to link nin to sim using nimc mobile app for the operation.

As we all know we already publish a piece of writing about how you’ll get your Nimc mobile app and use it to urge your original national card using your national number and with the assistance of the mobile number link with the sim or sim card that you simply use to urge your nin. Now you’ll still use an equivalent Nimc mobile app to urge any of your sim or telephone number link together with your nin just by using the app.

How To Get The Nimc Mobile App

The only place we recommend for you to urge the nimc mobile app from is that the play store or app store for iOS users.

Not due to two things but due to updates that they always unrolled to the Nimc mobile app so click here to go straight to the page to download Nimc mobile app in order that ready to “> you’ll be able to gain access to your original national card and used for to understand about another information which we’ll list out some information about the features of the app soon.

Basic Features Of Nimc Mobile App

  • One of the essential features is to get an ingenious National card .
  • It’s getting used to urge a legitimate Nimc app userID for self-use.
  • You can get a virtual card view of the app.
  • Feature to scan Nin card Universal Product Code is present on the app.
  • Can also be wont to generate pins to be used .
  • Eligible users to see records concerning the govt record.
  • And lastly which is that the better part for now wont to link phone numbers or sim to Nin.
  • How To Link Nin To telephone number 2021 Using Nimc Mobile App the way to Link Nin To telephone number Using Nimc Mobile App

As you all know the network providers together with the NCC as set-up a deadline for the linkage of the sim to nin that sim or telephone number that’s not yet the link is probably going to be block tomorrow or February 19 for folks that don’t have Nin so use this medium now to urge your Nin link together with your sim or get your phone link with nin using the Nimc mobile app.

But you ought to know before you’re ready to link your telephone number with the Nimc mobile app you’ll got to have access or log-in to the app to find out the way to gain access to the app successfully before the sim linkage.

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How To Log-in To The Nimc Mobile App 2021

  • You will got to have the app download to your phone before you’ll log-in.
  • If you’ve got the app already, proceed with subsequent steps.
  • And if you don’t need to click here to go straight to the page to download the app either for android or iOS users.
  • Once you’ve got successfully downloaded and installed the app on the app store or play store.
  • Open the nimc mobile app now read through the welcome message.
  • On the ultimate page, you’ll be asked to supply your Nin on the box provided for it.
  • Once you click or proceed or submit. you’ll be asked to verify either you’re still using the telephone number found within the link with the Nin.
  • Or you have lost the telephone number and you would like to vary the amount .
  • If you’ve got the telephone number present, proceed with the step to possess the OTP plus your UserID Number to be sent to the amount .
  • Once you’ve received both then provide it correctly on the box provided for it.
  • And proceed. await the app to verify the small print .
  • After confirmation, you’ll be granted access to your Nimc mobile app.
  • the way to Link Nin To Sim 2021 Using Nimc Mobile App

You have successfully login to the Nimc mobile app using the method or step above. You will. Now be given some options menu tap which can enable us to link any sort of telephone number or Nin with sim using the Nimc mobile app.

How To Link Nin To telephone number Using Nimc Mobile App 2021

Once you’ve got log-in to the Nimc mobile app using the steps above.
Open the app now and switch to the My device section on the menu tap.How To Link Nin To Sim 2021 Using Nimc Mobile App
The option tap are often found below the app and therefore the last.
After you click thereon you’ll be given a page which will explain of your UseriD.
The usersID are going to be at the highest of the page and an inventory of the amount you’ve got linked together with your Nin before.

You can now go-ahead to use the empty space to feel within the new number you would like to link to Nin.
It’s as long as you’ll use that choice to meet up to 6 (6) different phone numbers.
That’s just the straightforward thanks to link nin to sim using nimc mobile app and which the app also can be wont to get your original National identification card for free of charge with none stress.

You can also check posts on the way to link sim to nin on different sorts of network providers using their ussd codes or website to hold out the operation before you get your sim block.

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