As you all know technology bring updates to users which most network provider also update their server with new code but they don’t inform their customers most of them do such, so we’ve just discover latest method on the way to check glo number 2021 that employment different method that folks use in check-ing glo number from 2017 upto previous year 2020 now’s 2021 that came with new updates .

The method that we are close to share with you on how you’ll check your glo number is quietly different from the old method so it’s better you undergo this text well and learn different methods on the way to check glo number in 2021 that we are close to discuss about now.

How To Check Glo Number In 2021

The earlier method that they uses is to dial some number that they use to urge the glo number.

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But now we’ll be using USSD code to urge our glo number with none stress and simple method.

Go to your phone and dial the code 777*# and send.

How To Check Glo Number 2021

Then your glo number or telephone number will crop up on your phone screen.

Just as easy as that easy as we said earlier you’ll now plow ahead and replica or write down the amount and reserve it to your mobile device or reserve it to your phonebook for future use.

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Some people might still find it difficult to use this new method to see their glo number or telephone number . a number of the recommendation we give to such people is to call the glo customers care and find out how to urge your glo telephone number from them.

the way to Contact Glo Customer Care to urge Glo Number 2021

Go to your phone and call 121 to contact the glo customer care.

You will receive some welcome messages about why making the decision .

Note: the decision is toll free. that’s your money won’t be deducted or airtime won’t be deducted why making the decision .

After the welcome message you’ll be asked to pick your preferred language.

Select one for English and options available on the customer service center are going to be listed to you.

Select option 1 one and list to the menu option.

Now select option zero to speak to their support center which is human such as you and not a robot.

Speak with them and that they will either provide methods for you on how you’ll check your glo number in 2021 or tell you the amount directly. It depends not on the customer care directive you spoke.

If you see the above process as a stress method then we’ll still share old methods that folks use to urge their glo number to you. Maybe it’ll be the one which will work for you.

How To Check My Glo Number

You can use the above procedure to see your glo number or follow below process.

To check or get your glo number using old method entails.

By dialing the amount 1244, it should be dial a bit like a call.

After that a robot will attend to you which will assist you get your number.

It’s recommended you get an alternate place to write down the amount down on.

Or simply record the decision . Because the robot will tell you your number.

And in some cases you would possibly not hear what was said by the robot sometimes.

So devour a pen to record what was said or record the decision .

After you record it now play it and hear your number carefully.

That’s one among the old methods that folks wont to get their glo number in previous year 2020 downward there are still another methods that we’ll wish to share with you which of them should even be an update to you on how you’ll check your glo number in 2021.

Other Methods which will Be Use to see My Glo Number

The main code that’s getting used to shop for data plans and check data balance is claimed to be wont to check glo number and obtain your own number on glo.

Go-to your phone dial pad and dial the code *777#.

How To Get Glo Number 2021

Now navigate to the choice named tariff plan.

The option should get on option 4 now select option 3.

And boom your glo number are going to be provided to you.

Another related method which is additionally an old method is by employing a USSD code just like the previous one we used.

But we don’t know or have any idea if this method still works for folks that are wont to get glo number.

Dial the code 1358# and it’s said that the amount should be provided to you.
How To View My Glo Number

It’s one among the old methods that are getting used to urge glo number from previous years 2017 upto 2020.

Now we checkout some little FAQ about the tactic or some related question that we’ll wish to answer.


How am i able to Get My Glo Number In 2021
The best method which will be wont to get your glo number in 2021 is by following the highest method wont to get a glo number on this text and it’s said to possess been tested and dealing for many glo users.

How am i able to Get my very own Number On Glo
You can get your own number on glo either by dialing some codes otherwise you contact the glo customer care to supply you with methods that you simply can use to urge your own number for glo or still they ought to tell you your glo number.

How To Check My Glo Number Using My Phone
The easiest method that you simply can use to see your glo number on your phone is to dial a number of the code we offer above that’s getting used to see glo number a part of it which entails 777*# and send or dial the amount 1244 and listed to your number or still used the USSD code *777# to look at your glo number.


This article is strictly for glo user’s that don’t skills to urge their glo number using that main sim or still find it difficult to understand what their number is. So undergo the article and learn what you’ve got to understand from it for we’ve made some intensive research on how you’ll view your glo number and supply you with the simplest results.

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