How To Watch Football For Free Online Without Dstv Hacked or App Both On PC And Phone

We recently share some procedures on how you can get both dstv hacked and dstv  free app which people can use to watch some football live and do some other stuff with the app to also watch of the most trending station In Nigeria called BBNaija station but mostly seems to use such app to watch football all and it’s work for just mobile phone users specifically android users so now we are about to share with you how you can watch football online live without any app or hacked dstv and it’s work for any devices such as Android device, iOS devices and PC which are the page device that we use to stream online.

This process we see about to share with you on this article is strictly for how you can watch football online any kinds of football you will like to watch at that moment on it’s strictly online that is with data that does not need you to subscribe to anything unlike dstv that you will need to buy some plan before you can access some football stations which later end to going to watch elsewhere and other subscription process like the noble antenna we also call gotv, NO the process here are free and you will enjoy streaming it online for free life.


We have two specific processes which we are going to use to show you how you can be able to watch football for free online and it implies that you can access some easy tasks before you are able to watch your match online at any time. 

You should still remember that we still have dstv hacked which  you can still use if you insist you still want to enjoy some other dstv station you can go ahead and check it out on his section dstv hacked

And also we have the free version that doesn’t need any activation before you can start using such app this process is strictly free all you need is to just download the app install and start making use of it you will see other related station there worldwide station and more check it out in the section free dstv app free flix app

So the main part of this article is to show you how you can watch football online without the app above and others so we should check out. 

  • Watch football online view twitter 
  • Watch football online view navscore app

These two processes we are about to share with you and we will show you the full process on how to watch your football online with our two major processes. Let’s pick one after the other. 

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How To Watch Football Online On Twitter 

  1. To watch football online on Twitter you will need to follow some easy steps. 
  2. Open your handle once it has been logged-in. 
  3. It should be logged on your twitter mobile app or on Google chrome app.
  4. Then click here or search for the following twitter handle or twitter account  @FTTV10 as shown
  5. Now what you need to do is to follow them and turn on the notification. 
  6. Alternative you can click to join their telegram channel.
  7. So once the match is about to start view minutes or hrs remain for the match to start. 
  8. A link is posted both on the telegram or twitter handle.
  9. And they broadcast it live on the twitter handle which once the match stated there you see it’s there and watch. 
  10. You can watch the match on your mobile phone or PC laptops or computer desktop. 

That all about that you have successfully learned how to watch football online with your twitter account view your mobile phone or pc. Now we move to the next part which is with  an app. 

How To Watch Football Online For Free On NavScore

  1. NavScore is an android or iOS Support app which you can use to watch your football online. 
  2. The app is mainly designed to show some live score and other stact of football. 
  3. But the app can still be used to watch football online let’s see into it. 
  4. Click here to download the NavScore app for any of your devices either Android or after you have successfully downloaded the app for any of your devices. 
  5. What else is to install the app and follow the steps to watch football online. 
  6. There is nothing hard to do there once the match you want to watch online starts.
  7. Instantly just find the match on the app then click on watch that for mobile users. 
  8. But for pc user’s you will need to click on the generated link.
  9. Once the link is generated copy it and past it on your browser. 
  10. Then you will be provided with the live stream of the football match you want to watch at that moment. 

That all about that once you want to watch any football match online and you don’t have access to any online dstv hack or dstv free app then this is the best part to watch your match online and you will enjoy streaming the video just like some view we recovered from yesterday match.

What did you think about the procedures which are shared in this article comment below ? 

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