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How To Send Credit On Mtn – How To Transfer Airtime On Mtn In 2020


How To Send Credit On Mtn – How To Transfer Airtime On Mtn In 2020

Most people find it difficult to send credit on several network providers in Nigeria their are alternative ways to transfer airtime on all networks, ways of sending credit on airtel is different from glo, likewise ways on the way to transfer airtime on glo is different from 9mobile, to send credit on 9mobile is different from mtn techniques.

But our main aim of this text is to show and show you ways you’ll transfer airtime on mtn, we’ll allow you to know every tactics and methods which you’ll use to transfer credits or airtime on mtn network provider.

Mtn may be a large company when it involves provisions of their service to us in Nigeria in order that they have alternative ways of completing their operations, mtn normally refer their airtime transfer services as Share n sell service unlike airtel which refer their own airtime transfer service as me2u other network providers has what they call their own too.

We now move to the way to transfer airtime or the way to send credit on mtn which simple means the way to make use of mtn share n sell service.

It’s differ, if you would like to form use of the code you only got to dial the subsequent code : 600beneficial number* amount*pin#

You must have create your pin before you perform the above choice to do so on means dial the subsequent code : 600default pinNew pinNew pin# ( Default pin is 0000)

Remember the new pin must be a four digits number, let perform the operation with a quick practical simple explanation.

To set your pin or change your pin which is compulsory dial 600000056575657# assuming 5657 is my new pin that i used to be to form use of.

To transfer airtime or credit dial 60007067678945610005656# and send which number is that the person number i would like to transfer credit to and 1000 is that the amount of credit i would like to send and therefore the last part is my pin.

That is all about the tactic of using code to transfer airtime on a mtn network provider.

Note: since its a replacement method, mtn now charges any airtime transfer service referred to as share and sell service N5 per transfer.

Some cases this code method won’t work for you there are other ways of transferring airtime on mtn view Sms let check it out.

How To Transfer Airtime On Mtn

  1. To transfer airtime via Sms, attend your sms box and send Transfer, Beneficial Number, Amount, And Pin and Send to “777”. That’s all
  2. But you want to change your pin before you’ll follow up with the above step (Default pin 0000) four zeros. Get your message box and Send Default pin, New Pin, New Pin to “777” .
  3. Practically, to transfer airtime Sms to 777 by sending Transfer, 07067690798, 1000, 5657 then send it to 777.
  4. After that you’ll get a notification message that you simply should confirm your credit transfer transactions then you ought to reply a message with YES that’s reply YES To 777. that each one you’ll get may be a successful transaction.
  5. To change pin Sms to 777 by sending 0000, 5657, 5657 Send to 777.
  6. After that you’ll get a successful message that you simply mtn share n sell pins are changed successfully.
  7. By following all above processes as stated above on a step by step ways, then you’ve got successfully learned the way to transfer airtime on mtn or the way to send credit on mtn.

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