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Essential Reasons Why You Must Quit Church Service After ENDSARS Movement -SEE WHY


Essential Reasons Why You Must Quit Church Service After ENDSARS Movement -SEE WHY

A protest such as #ENDSARSNOW is your civil rights and responsibilities be you a pastor, Bishop or Pope. Martins Luther King was a pastor do you know that?

Nigerian pastors are being insensitive, careless, selfish and greedy. Islamic leaders inclusive.

If pastors can talk about MONEY in every Sunday, what will it cost them to talk talk about at this critical moment.

Someone said,

“If your pastor talks about MONEY in church today, but does NOT talk about EndSARS, simply get a piece of paper, write #EndSARS on it, wait for offering time, and put that piece of paper in the offering basket”.

Sound funny, but that’s the best thing to do. Since they’re all deaf, dumb and blind to see what’s happening. They can fight for the need to pay tithes less you die poor, but cannot lend their voices against the unlawful harassment and killing of their Church members by SARS operatives.

I saw this piece on Reno’s page; he said,

“Christianity must be about PEOPLE, not about MONEY. It was the African American church that led the Civil Rights Movement. Dr Martin Luther King was a pastor. They did not leave Civil Rights to entertainers, athletes or other celebrities. Pastoral care must be directed at the well being of members of the Body of Christ and that is what EndSARS is about”.

I’ll drop pen here for now. But hear me loud and clear, Quit Church & After ENDSARS Protest. Your pastor doesn’t care about your well-being just your money.

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