END SARS: Between Online And Offline Protesters, Who Are The Most Powerful, Important & Should Be Applauded?

First of, a question as this, ain’t necessary at this time. It sounds funny and silly. Every protester both online and offline, man and woman, kids and adults, young and old, are powerful, important and should be applauded.

I decided to talk about this because I noticed that some people are feeling more important than others. They’ve started comparing between those on the streets and online protesters. Such comparison is silly and unreasonable.

Some yeye people be like “why are you posting online and not on the streets protesting?”. Werey how will the world know what’s going on without online protesters?☹️ Everyone dey important. No one should be praised.

Omoyele Sowore and Reno Omokri on the other hand has been fighting each for the past 48hrs, over who is the leader of the END SARS protest. Sowore claimed that some leaders of the movement have made billions from the it. But nothing as such! Maybe he’s pained because his plans to hijack the movement did not work. We need Revolution but not by Sowore..he is a con man and should not be trusted. Same with Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB.

Back to the subject matter.
Every single person, who participated on EndSwat #PoliceBrutality movement, played a significant role. Or is there VIPs?

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